Monday, 16 September 2013

MaxFactor Glossfinity Nail Polish- Midnight Bronze

You may not know me but I have an obsession with Rose Gold! This started at the beginning of the year when the Micheal Korrs watches started to pop up left right and centre. I love all things rose gold, especially jewellery. 

One thing I have been searching for since this obsession has started, is a Rose Gold nail polish. I've never seen one in the "drug-store" and any of the others that I've seen were ridiculously expensive.

It applies lovely and evenly, two coats  and it's opaque. It's not streaky like I've found some other metallic polishes to be, and lasts a good 4-5 days with a topcoat before the tips start to wear! 

I was wearing this with my dark green parka the other day and a maroon woolly scarf and I thought it went really well. So this colour is what I' m going to be wearing on my nails this autumn! :) 

I've never tried any of the MaxFactor Glossfinity nail polishes before but if the quality is as good as this one I may have to pick up a few more! 

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