Sunday, 12 May 2013

ELF Golden Bronzer/Highlighter (Dior Amber Diamond dupe!)

I've had this ELF in my collection for a while now. Personally, I wouldn’t use this as a bronzer but as a highlighter instead because the colours are so bright.

The compact is huge and looks like a Nars product. It contains 12.3 grams of four different shimmer shades, which provide a healthy glow, perfect for summer. The compact comes with a big mirror that's very useful, especially for travel. 

All four colours are really pretty! They make a very nice highlight that's not over powering, instead gives a natural glow. It's not too pigmented so you can blend the colours well together. You could also use this as eyeshadows. 
The first swatch above is how the four colours look like when blended together. The second one is the shade on the top left which is a golden toned bronzer/highlighter; next to it is the colour on the upper right, which is a peachy shimmer colour with gold undertones; followed by the pearl shade with silver sparkles; and lastly, a golden pinky colour with gold shimmers.

This product is really similar to Dior Amber Diamond. I can't confirm it though because I don't own any Dior product, but from the swatches and images online, they really are. (As you can see below)

You can purchase the ELF bronzer here in the colour Golden for £3.75.

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